Martial Law: A Living Scar. Move On? Oh, C’mon!

Jade P. Leung
Young Women Initiatives
August 15, 2016
martial law
One cannot simply say “move on”. While we are having chocolates and candies, our grandparents and parents got a declaration of Martial Law.
It is hard to stomach people who can easily say “forgive the Marcoses”; “past is past”; “learn to forgive”; “forgive him and bury him in the LNMB”; “he deserves to be buried in LNMB”; and the resounding and insulting phrase this generation easily can say: “move on…”.
To a person accustomed to privilege, true equality feels like oppression, doesn’t it?
The Martial Law issue is not an easy issue of forgiveness, let alone “forgive and forget” issue.  Read more…

Author: kaisakanorthluzon

Kaisa Ka is a women's organization that fights discrimination, we work for economic justice. We make women voice matter. We advocate women's and human rights, and work for women empowerment and gender equality.

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