Lorena Band’s ‘Children of Freedom’


‘Lorena band’s (rehearsal) music would play randomly on my phone…i am sharing this song with you, one of my favorites. I borrowed and put some photos to give context to the song. To my non-Tagalog speaking friends, the song is about the situation of the majority of children in the Philippines and the hope that the continued effort from all of us will hopefully bring forth a better society for all “Supling ng Kalayaan” (Children of Freedom). (credit goes to all the news agencies in the Philippines & Google for the photos and to the children featured here) – Apologies for the noise at the beginning and at the end. We’re normally noisy during rehearsals. — with Linda D. Gobrin, Mel Soto, Liza Dg, Beng Sator and Kaisa Ka North Luzon.’
Cynthia Gobrin – Sono

Lorena Band Member

Lorena Band is an all female band composed of activists and feminist singers. The group banded together sometime in the second half of 1990s.  They compose music, sing, and promote socially-oriented songs critical of the system and of patriarchy that continue to oppress women and children.  More songs of Lorena Band or of its individual artists will be featured here.





Author: kaisakanorthluzon

Kaisa Ka is a women's organization that fights discrimination, we work for economic justice. We make women voice matter. We advocate women's and human rights, and work for women empowerment and gender equality.

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