Governance and Structure

Kaisa Ka North Luzon is headed by the Regional Organizing Committee (ROC) which is composed of the Regional Coordinator, the Treasurer, Spokesperson, and representatives from the following network: vendors (2), indigenous women farmers (1), women fishers-vendors (2), scrappers (1), young women and students (2), and the Livelihood Program Coordinator (1).

The ROC meets at the beginning of the year for annual assessment and plan of action.  It also meets once in three months to conduct quarterly assessments and planning.  The ROC draws resolutions on specific issues and concerns, unites on policies, resolves major issues and problems and draws campaign plans.

There is a Secretariat headed by the Regional Coordinator whose members also come from the ROC, as follows:  Spokesperson, two young women representatives, fishers – vendors representative, and the Livelihood Program Coordinator.  The Secretariat takes care of the day-to-day tasks.

The ROC supervises the whole network of Kaisa Ka and its members identified in the areas and sectors above.

Kaisa Ka has a network of young women volunteers headed by the Young Women Collective. Back