Humble Beginnings

Kaisa Ka or Unity of Women for Freedom is a national women organization formed in 1998.  Its membership comes from a broad range of sectors of Philippine society and is grassroots – focused.  Kaisa Ka National Organizing Committee Meeting in September 2002 decided to expand its organizing work in Baguio City, the major urban city in the North and the Cordilleras.  This was immediately after the “National Conference of Women in the Context of Globalization” that Kaisa Ka hosted.

The organizing work in Kaisa Ka Baguio started in March 2003 to respond to the situation of grassroots women.  The issue of the displaced and ailing women workers of Texas Instruments, Philippines provided an added push to start the work of Kaisa Ka in Baguio City.

The formation of Kaisa Ka hopes to holistically address the issues of women both in workplaces and homes.   This means making the women understand the socio-economic, political and historical context while addressing immediate issues and concerns. Back