Key Achievements, Struggles and Campaigns


  1. Campaign for the Survivors/Displaced Women Workers of Texas Instruments Philippines, Inc. or TIPI. This was the first campaign in the country that exposed health – hazard conditions in the work place experienced by women workers in a prime multinational microchips industry like TIPI.  We hugged the headlines in the local media both print and broadcast.  We also landed on a national television magazine putting TIPI management in a very defensive position.
  2. US Militarism and Women as the context of Gender – based Violence (like the case of Nicole and Jennifer Laude).
  3. Public Private Partnership that dislocates women and workers
  4. Assisted in Kaisa Ka’s national campaign for the Malaya Lolas (Free Grandmothers) or the women victims of Japanese militarism and sexual abuse during the Japanese Occupation (Second World War).
  5. Campaign for right to posts and livelihood for ambulant women vendors, the section of the informal sector that is radically increasing due to rapid urban migration, massive retrenchment of workers, job precariousness and labor contractualization.
  1. Impact of globalization on workers
  2. Support Services for Informal Women Workers
  3. Against Environmental Degradation
  4. Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction
  5. Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health
  6. Against Illegal Fishing
  7. Against Violence Against Women

Build Organizations of Women

  1. Organize Dap-ayan ti Babbae (Meeting Place of Women). This serves as a venue for women, of women, by women in confronting their issues and concerns
  2. Organize the following groups of women into Kaisa Ka Chapters:
    a) ambulant women vendors
    b) women farmer – vendors belonging to the indigenous groups (Kaigorotan) of Benguet Province in the Cordilleras
    c) scrappers and waste pickers
    d) fisher – vendors
    e) young women
    f) teachers and professionals
  3. Facilitated the formation of All Vendors Federation that comprises at least 90% women. Back