Goals, Thrusts and Strategies

  1. Empower women and elevate their status in both production and reproduction through education, organizing and mobilizing work. Make women capable of deciding matters for themselves, actively participating in community and social concerns.  Enhance their capacity to address their immediate issues and advance their rights and interests.
  2. Arrest the degeneration of women in grassroots communities by actively engaging women especially young women about reproductive rights, violence against women and women rights in general.
  3. Create a grassroots base of women that collectively pushes for the significant and respectable positions of women in their communities and making their voices matter in community life.
  4. Build a strong network of women groups with a strong sense of collectivism that serves as their support system. Encourage women to inspire and learn from each other.
  5. Conduct campaigns for economic inclusion and make urgent women issues a public concern. Pressure local governments and agencies to come up with resolutions towards tactical relief.
  6. Achieve a significant level of understanding and internalization of human rights, socio-economic and political context of women situation, and the roots of women oppression.
  7. Raise the level of awareness on women’s rights and issues such as sexual and reproductive rights, gender discrimination, and violence against women.
  8. Enhance women’s productive capacity and initiatives by engaging them in efforts for genuine community building.
  9. Train women leaders especially young women leaders in building community women organizations. Back