Economic Justice Campaign

  • Continuing Struggle of ambulant vendors for right to posts, livelihood, social services and social protection.
  • Campaign for support services and social protection for scrappers.
  • Fisher – vendors campaign for livelihood and right to fishing. This is against the new amendments to the Fisheries Code called the IUUF or illegal unregulated undocumented fishing that practically prohibits small fisher folks from fishing.
  • Community-based education on environment and disaster risk reduction management and training.
  • Campaign Against Gender – based Violence

Young Women Activists Building

Make young women engagement visible at the grassroots level and in the main urban center which is Baguio City.   A component of this is YOUNG WOMEN IMMERSION PROGRAM to areas with women in economically difficult circumstance.

Integral to this is active young women media work – TV and radio interviews in primetime programs and press conferences on campaign issues.  Information and education campaign through women protest centers.  Use of cultural and popular education forms to project women’s fight for economic justice.   Offer venues for women to engage in progressive cultural forms to make politicization and organizing work light and enjoyable.

Penetrate the schools, popularize women’s human rights modules, and bring economic justice campaigns to schools through classroom dialogues and school activities.


Young Women Volunteers Network Building

We network with universities and colleges for young women students and encourage them to be Kaisa Ka Volunteers.  They assist in the campaigns, conferences and special projects of Kaisa Ka.  They are also encouraged to engage in campus-based information and education activities about women’s rights.


LGBT Organizing

Our LGBT organization will tackle issues about discrimination and the resulting economic, political and cultural marginalization.  This organization will also translate and project the collective action of the LGBT among our ranks and register position on major political, national and local issues. Back